Kokon history in a nutshell

In the 1940s, Willem van Tijen, one of the great pioneers of public housing in The Netherlands, together with Hugh Maaskant, starts an architectural agency that developed into one of the leading design agencies for housing in The Netherlands. They design the Groothandelsgebouw (a monumental trade building) in Rotterdam. Upon completion, the agency was based in this building, and still resides there.

In 1975 the Werkgroep Kokon is established as a continuation of the agency that at that time was called Van Tijen, Posno, Boom & Van Randen. Due to an increase in urban planning projects, the agency’s name was changed into Kokon Architectuur & Stedenbouw B.V.

At the moment, Kokon has a staff of 30 people.

We have projects of diverse scale all over The Netherlands, as well as internationally, based on solid urban planning with residential purposes, combined with commercial centers and care facilities.