Kokon has a name that could not better express our love for circularity. We are constantly reinventing ourselves so that we can spread our wings even further. 

Circular building is one of the subjects we are committed to. The earth does not belong to us and we must not leave it behind. We all know this.

Where Kokon's expertise and interest mainly come into play is on the playing field of materials that (in the future) rise from their own ashes versus optimal comfort for the occupants and users of our buildings. 

Comfort really comes first. Circularity is a means to an end. Certainly not a goal in itself, but no less worthy of pursuit. In concrete terms, for us this means that we like to use our knowledge and skills to make buildings function automatically. Without superfluous machines. A building that can breathe is a logical choice for this. Self-breathing vapour permeable buildings are truly the holy grail of building. Very healthy and pleasant, but also extremely serious in terms of building physics and detailing. Kokon has the expertise to realise buildings with a high health factor using circular materials (which are practically all breathable).

Feel free to contact us and ask for architect Henk Middelkoop.