De Wijde Wiericke

In the middle of the Green Heart, just south of the village of Nieuwerbrug aan de Rijn, lies the Wijde Wiericke. Together with partners Veenstede Vastgoedontwikkeling and Boer Bouw, Kokon has worked here on filling in the last development field of a larger development. The Wijde Wiericke offers a beautiful wide view over the rural green.

The plan designed by Kokon consists of 29 houses in a variety of typologies. Detached houses are interspersed with various types of semi-detached houses, from semi-detached to quadrant houses.

Variation was also chosen for the facade design. Traditional Dutch houses with upstanding eaves and guttering, as seen in the existing village center of Nieuwerbrug aan de Rijn, are alternated with houses with a more rural character, characterized by large eaves, gutters and dark, earth-coloured brickwork.

The overall appearance of the façade is consistent with the direction of the roof, inspired by the landscape of the battlemented houses in a north-south direction, and the first floor, together with the extension of the storage room and carport, is built in a different color of stone than the upper floors. Large dormers break the gutter line up to the ground or second floor, giving the street facades a playful character.

Location Nieuwerbrug aan den Rijn
Client Veenstede Vastgoedontwikkeling