Circulair with Van Buiten

Firma van Buiten goes out of the box!

It is time for the best step that we are going to take with our company: we are going circular!

On the beautiful Thijssevaart we have got a fantastic location available where we can continue building our company Van Buiten for at least 10 years. We have fallen in love with it. The space we have, the water we are going to look out on, the trees that surround it: this is exactly what we want.

And there is plenty of room to realize a building that suits us. Where we can work with our employees on the best sandwiches in Delft, where we can make terraces for all the office workers around us. Where we can offer high tea to day trippers who come by bike. And where our chickens have a wonderful home. In short: plenty of options.

Now the building. Because we can stay for at least 10 years, we are looking for a solution that is perfect, but also temporary. And that is how we ended up with a circular construction. That means that everything we use can someday be used elsewhere. And has functioned elsewhere to date.

Therefore the following: we are looking for 2 things: temporary units (eg an old school units, office units or units where asylum seekers have lived in) and demountable greenhouses. Anyone who knows what can be transferred for a reasonable price (or even for free): let us know. Then our architect Kokon can get to work and design a fantastic new location for our company from the available parts.

We are confident that we can fully realize this circular ambition. Totally sustainable, atmospheric and totally fantastic to come and work with a cup of coffee with your own baked apple pie.

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Location Delft
Client Firma van Buiten
GFA 500
Building sum circulair