At Kokon we draw for creative, innovative, inclusive and representative designs.

Being creative is in our genes. We are real makers and are always looking for the best and most beautiful interpretation of the complex principles that characterize each assignment. In doing so, we go beyond obvious solutions, without losing sight of reality and affordability. The more complicated the task, the more we feel challenged!

Being innovative is in our fingertips. We enjoy the unprecedented possibilities that new techniques bring us. But we also appreciate the value of old proven solutions. For example, we like to touch materials to feel the texture. Or we knock on them to understand them. Sometimes we even want to hear what they sound like. With the aim of finding the best material for every situation.

Being inclusive is in our capillaries. And that in several ways. We have been socially inclusive since our agency was founded, now more than 90 years ago. Focusing on society and creating living space for people who cannot arrange this themselves. Once aimed at the workers to provide them with light, air and space. Now more focused on the disabled or the elderly, to allow them to live in a safe and pleasant living environment.
We are also inclusive in terms of natural values. Our urban plans are broader than the norm, are characterized by beautiful social green spaces and are realized with high-quality, friendly materials.

Being representative is in our thinking. We would like to ensure that our works make a good impression. And not only that, but also that they leave a good impression. So after 10 or 30 years it still looks good. We will therefore not easily lose ourselves in the issues of the day.
You build architecture for the future. With today's resources. In doing so, we link the core values ​​of our clients to our own core values ​​and we create a design from this synthesis. With a style to match. And always well thought out and delivered.