Post-war residential areas

Since the establishment of our office, Willem van Tijen in particular has been at the forefront of many city expansions. Armed with a strong vision, he tackled every task with maximum effort. Attention to living included the components space, sunlight and optimal traffic circulation. Van Tijen designed various high-rise flats for single people, he saw this form of living as ideal for small households. The intense interest of our founder has worked out so positively that Kokon continues to focus on the design of all kinds of types of living to this very day.

The residential areas that were developed decades ago have now reached a certain status of affinity. Green structures have been washed to nothing, various expansions to the houses have blurring the clarity of the neighborhood and municipalities are sadly seeing that residential areas are slumping down and remain behind. Kokon has the expertise and passion to make pleasant residential environments of these districts. Various analyzes are needed to determine where the best interventions can be done. So that every euro spent will actually benefit the improvement of the living environment.

With happy residents as a result: that's what we go for!