High ambitions with regard to sustainability can only be achieved through co-operation. At the start of a design process, all parties involved can make inventory of all required steps, determining which level the project requires, with all costs involved. The resulting set of arrangements (e.g. EPG, BREEAM, GPR, cost in relation to measures, materialisation, etc.) is implemented in the entire design process. Even in the first sketches, a basic set of sustainable requirements is already provided for.

Possible applications to reach sustainable goals can be heat/cold energy storage, generating extra energy through photovoltaic cells on rooftops, in facade glass, through temperature changes in the facade, passive measures like orientation in relation to the sun for reduction of cooling requirements, integrated sunscreens, individually adjustable ventilation based on CO₂-detection (like Climarad), LED-lighting in teh entire building including surroundings, financing extra measures towards 'zero on the meter', partially by residents and the use of cradle-to-cradle materials.