Post-war residential areas

Post-war residential areas

Since the establishment of our office, Willem van Tijen in particular has been at the forefront of many city expansions. Armed with a strong vision, he tackled every task with maximum effort. Attention to residential areas including the components space, sunlight and optimal traffic circulation.

Van Tijen designed various highrise apartment flats, envisioning this concept as ideal for small households. This intense determnination of our founder resulted in Kokon continuing to focus on the design of all kinds of residential concepts to this very day.

Residential areas that were developed decades ago have now reached a certain status of obsolescence. Green structures have been restructured, various expansions to buildings have blurred clearly defined neighborhoods and municipalities have noted residential areas are deteriorating.

Kokon has the expertise and passion to revitalise these residential environments. Various studies are necessary to determine where to intervene, to most efficiently benefit the improvement of living environments.

We strife for residential happiness!