Urban Planning

Kokon experiments with new building and housing forms to provide space for a green and healthy living environment for people, animals and nature. Our urban plans are more spacious than the norm, are characterised by beautiful social green spaces and are realised with high-quality friendly materials, because inclusiveness, also for nature, is one of our core values.

Urban planning is about creating inspiring places; places where people like to stay and can develop to their full potential. Starting points are always context, aesthetics and functionality. At Kokon, people are the focus, and in the living environment we create, we always seek to create hospitable and pleasant public spaces: courtyards, squares, parks and canals form the backbone of our urban development plans.

We prefer to involve all stakeholders in the planning process, including those in the immediate vicinity of the plan. Due to the often relatively long lead times, urban development plans are always drawn up in a flexible way, so that programme changes can easily be incorporated.

Kokon's urban development work covers the entire design process. We work through our plans from the first sketch to development plans at detailed level, and we also draw up the corresponding zoning plans.