Team Heritage

Kokon has a rich history of nearly 100 years. Many a building in our portfolio now has monumental status. Experience with and passion for the built environment is therefore in our DNA. Our founder Willem van Tijen built and rebuilt Rotterdam for the benefit of social society. We follow in his footsteps with renovation, transformation and restoration to (re)vitalize buildings in a circular way. Whether it is a residence, office building or warehouse, we create a future for the building and a pleasant living environment for the user.

Know the past to preserve it, preserve it to know it”

- P. Torsello (1998)



Just as the Roman architectural theorist Vitruvius (c.85 - 20 B.C.) summarized classical construction in 5 orders, so we work in 5 steps toward a sustainable end result:

We hear questions and see opportunities. In doing so, we create new opportunities and unify supply and demand. With monumental heritage, a historical inspection is of vital importance. It allows you and us to get to know and understand the building and offers opportunities for renewal. A 3D scan provides a foundation for our 3D reconstruction.
Many buildings and functions qualify for grants that we map out for you.

There are wishes and there are opportunities which we address creatively and pragmatically. As architects, we bring together the ingredients for a design step by step and create a new environment/reality that comes to life with 3D models and models. In this phase, external advisors such as a structural engineer and installer will also be consulted. When necessary, we present the plans to the relevant municipality.

All knowledge and information comes together in this phase, where a technical design is created. The parties involved provide input and the design is further developed. When necessary, permits are applied for. A suitable contractor is also sought. Each type of project requires a certain expertise for which we can provide parties and advise.

Before a contractor and parties involved start working, the design is translated into a building plan with a description. This is where all the information in the areas of engineering, aesthetics, construction and finishing come together. The work is literally prepared to leave the drawing board and become a reality.

Notwithstanding a good preparation, questions still frequently arise during renovation. The (monumental) building can reveal beautiful and unexpected surprises. These are taken into account by us as project management in consultation and focused on the end result during the execution of the project. We help you and the contractor to steer the construction in the right direction and achieve a beautiful result.

Kokon Heritage Team


Heritage requires a rich variety of expertise to keep it future-proof in an effective and honorable way. Kokon's Heritage Team consists of experienced architects, project managers and creative young talent. This combination results in a complete team where building history, architecture, interior design and building physics combine powerfully. Together we work every day to realize beautiful projects.

Whether it concerns the restoration of an imposing national monument, the careful historical detailing of a dormer window or the redesign of an interior: Team Erfgoed is happy to think along with you.


"Heritage is alive; a little is added every day"

- ir. A. van Deursen MA