Baskeweg project at Dutch national news


During today's Dutch national television coverage of regional news, the Hendrik Baskeweg in Den Helder was highlighted, cool! Watch the item back here at minute 12:30.

The transformation is unique worldwide: it is the world's largest 3D concrete project and also the first time this technique has been applied in this way! Together with Bruil, Movares and Helder Vastgoed, we have been working towards this for a long time. Learn more about what makes the project so special here.

Meanwhile, the first 3D printed elements have been placed on the 3rd residential floor of the first apartment building. The transformation will be carried out in occupied condition, allowing residents to continue living in their own comfortable, familiar surroundings during the upgrade. In addition, all balconies will also be enlarged, something we are already hearing a lot of enthusiastic feedback about!