Kokon in book 100 years Housing Foundation Den Helder


On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Housing Foundation Den Helder, Ronald den Boer published the book DURF. Kokon is also featured in this, with as many as seven projects and an interview with Ron van Leeuwen about the collaboration process around project De Schooten: "Our agency has now done some 5,200 projects in its existence, but I still consider this one of the finest."

The book is an ode to the Housing Foundation Den Helder's active role in upgrading Den Helder's drab image through high-quality architecture and innovative projects. They DARE to do this, which gives Kokon the opportunity to use our creativity to the maximum. For example, project Hendrik Baskeweg, the largest 3D concrete printing project in the world, is truly an example of the Housing Foundation's visionary ambition.

We congratulate the Housing Foundation on this wonderful anniversary, here's to a great continuation of the cooperation!