Care robot Tessa central to the design


During the upcoming ZorgSaamWonen seminar on 'Living with dementia', Henk Middelkoop and Wang Long Li will give an inspiring session on the role of technology and architecture in future living with dementia. Yvonne Witter interviewed them about it, read it here.

Henk Middelkoop: "I soon realised that if you create a place for Tessa from which she can see the resident well and has an overview of the home, you can already do a lot. So at the intersection where walls meet, you have to make space in the wall for Tessa. Then you put Tessa down in the column that is then created. Through verbal communication, she helps people with cognitive impairments get through the day."

Join the seminar and find out more:
Date: 8 February 2024, 13:00-17:30h
Location: BCN, Zwolle (next to railway station)
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