Circular with Firma van Buiten


Circular building!

More than half of all raw materials in the Netherlands are used for construction. Almost all materials are downcycled and disappear into the soil over time. Only 3 to 4% is recycled into construction again. That is why the national government has expressed the ambition to achieve a 100% circular economy by 2050. This means circular building. Kokon contributes to a circular success.

But we cannot achieve that alone. For our project with the 'Firma Van Buiten' we are looking for all the materials that are necessary to achieve a new hospitality establishment in the TU Delft (Technical University) district.

That is why we, as Kokon, appeal to potential suppliers of everything that is reusable.

What is Kokon looking for, for Firma Van Buiten?

First of all:

  • portable building units (because of the 10 year term)
  • used greenhouses 

And also many other used building materials:

  • doors and frames
  • reusable timber
  • sun screen cloths
  • old fruit trees
  • fences
  • winding stairs
  • scaffolding wood
  • terrace wood
  • stained glass window or door material
  • roof tiles

As soon as sufficient material is available, we start designing.

We are very excited to help the Firma van Buiten to achieve hospitality establishment!

Read more about the project here:

And feel free to report materials and parts via: