Field trip Copenhagen and Malmö


Copenhagen has been named 'bicycle friendliest city in the world' several times in a row, while the city also scores very well on the 'livable cities' list. Reason for our architects and urban designers to experience this first hand. During the visit we made a grand tour - by bicycle - of the city, and getting a good look at some remarkable architecture and built environments. Copenhagen has a rich history as well as a great reputation for innovative architecture. Modern and classic styles alternate, turning the whole of the city into a dynamic experience with remarkable places, among which the impressive Grundtvigs Kirke.

Malmö, the third largest city in Sweden was visited by train over the Øresund Bridge, the connection between Copenhagen and Malmö. Many innovative buildings are realised, among which the iconic 'Turning Torso' tower, and many architecural and urban renewal and public spaces. Off course, the nice weather was enjoyable as well!