In memoriam


Monday, June 7, Frans van de Seyp, founder of Kokon in 1975, passed away. For 25 years Frans was the face of our bureau. Throughout the Netherlands, he was involved as an architect in numerous housing projects. He estimated that he had designed more than 20,000 homes. Kokon was one of the first firms to work with city neighborhoods at the time of urban renewal to determine how new construction would look. That was relevant then and it still is today. 

Frans had a strong personality. He knew what he wanted and how something should be realized, inside and outside the agency. Het Antwerpse Hoofd, Heksenwiel and Kattenbroek are projects we will always be proud of. 

The last few years, his strength lessened. The bond with Kokon has always remained. Frans, Henk and Ron made frequent trips to his, and later our, projects. We look back on that with joy. 

We wish Claude and the entire family much strength with this loss.