Lunch Lecture on Permaculture


Jan Haan of Thingk provided an engaging lunch presentation on permaculture, an agricultural method in which, following the example of natural ecosystems and based on symbiosis, ethics and ecology, a living environment is created that is ecologically sustainable as well as economically stable.

Architecturally, this inspires the creation of buildings and cities that work in harmony with the environment, becoming an active part of the natural ecosystem. We are delving further into this and are excited about its potential.

Kokon is committed to SDG 11 - "Sustainable Cities and Communities. We are exploring how innovative practices such as permaculture can help us achieve this goal. This aligns perfectly with Kokon's mission "Valuable living for all.
Big thanks to our former colleague Aiham Melhem for the delicious meal at his new lunchroom Coffee & Fluffy, highly recommended!