Moving heritage during Monument reception


On the occasion of Open Monument Day, Kokon attended the Rotterdam Monuments Drinks as an invitee, organized by the Rotterdam Heritage Ports Foundation. Here we were introduced to the world of Moving, including Shipping, Heritage.

This connects well with Kokon's current heritage projects in complex port areas, such as in Vlissingen and, of course, Rotterdam. Sharon took a beautiful cruise on the river Maas and Henk and Alan got to work forging iron themselves, making it clear how much craftsmanship and attention goes into (moving) heritage. Extra reason to safeguard this craftsmanship within our projects!

As an architectural firm we have been dedicated to preserving and enriching tangible and intangible heritage within its current and historical context for almost one hundred years, as evidenced by Kokon's portfolio of several national monuments. Wondering what Kokon can do for your heritage? Stop by our office in the historic Groot Handelsgebouw!