Oudewater has the scoop with 'tiny houses' by Kokon


Kokon architect Henk Middelkoop has developed a plan for 'tiny houses' on behalf of the Van Jaarsveld family. "The family came into action after an appeal from the Alderman of Oudewater, asking whether private individuals can provide building locations for this development." The family has had a piece of land from a legacy for fifteen years and would like to do more with it than to have sheep grazing on it. It is an ideal location, no green space in the city has to be sacrificed for it and it does not cost the municipality anything at all. "

Alderman Duindam has made a firm commitment to the development in this outlying area of the province of Utrecht.

Hopefully this development will not stop, because in view of the housing shortage in Oudewater more residences are required.

Read the article in AD.