Swetterhage project in Bouwen aan de Zorg


As an architect, Kokon was invited to contribute to an article about the Swetterhage residential site in the trade journal Bouwen aan de Zorg. Project Swetterhage of Gemiva-SVG Groep is one of Kokon's longest running care projects. It' s quite special to be allowed to design such a large-scale urban and architectural transformation! And we're not done yet...

As Ron van Leeuwen points out in this new article, "In terms of building style, we have moved away from institutional thinking. Instead, we opted for diversity, as you see in other residential areas. In our plan, we also took into account social developments such as requirements for (new) construction, a high degree of energy efficiency and of course Gemiva's wish list."

Read the entire article here.


Swetterhage article Bouwen aan de Zorg