The Fizz student housing completed


The modern student complex THE FIZZ Europe rose on the Ypenburgbocht in Leiden recently, easily visible on the timelapse. From now on, 394 students will enjoy living, playing sports, studying and relaxing there.

The comfortable campus is fully equipped: study rooms, laundry and fitness areas, meeting places, a film lounge, shared bicycles and a green inner garden. The flats meet all the requirements of modern, urban living and students can choose between self-sufficient and community-style living.

The architectural design consists of two parts: an L-shape and a square, connected by a central glass bridge. The masses stagger in height influenced by two mill biotopes and nearby houses. With sustainable features, such as a green roof and solar panels, we are committed to a greener future.

We wish all future residents a fantastic student time!

In cooperation with: Niersman Bouw, Municipality of Leiden, Constructiebureau Bogaards, Linthorst, Stabiel Management BV, VKP, Off Site Belgium, TANK

Interior and images: TANK