LAB -07 Floho CyberTuckaway

Yes, we did it: we Elon-gated the Tesla Truck. In the near future you can take your CyberTruck to your own CyberTuckaway as your weekend retreat. Including a newly developed vacuumable isoskeleton with variable insulation values. High insulation performance when it is cold or hot and low insulation value when cooling is possible or when some heat is allowed in. Of course the Tuckaway can float, because Kokon tries to keep the footprint of our buildings as small as possible. In addition, PV screens have been developed that can close the facades and roll up from the floater. Plus a PV roof surface that can slide over the glass roof. An optimal indoor climate is guaranteed with all these measures. Reserve your CyberTuckaway now!

Location Anywhere
Henk Middelkoop partner / architect