Project Binnenhof at the edge of the district Vroedschapswijk in Gorinchem is built on the location of Huize Haarwijk, and consists of 39 luxury rental and commercial apartments. After the Gildenhof and Bannehof, Binnenhof is the last new building in this residential area.

In the design of the building, a lot of care was invested in the architecture. The atrium is of particular interest, with its function, linking the two parts of the building. The design language, the use of colour and materials are in accordance with the Gildenhof and Bannehof. This creates a strong ensemble of architectural masses in a green park.

Binnenhof consists of appartments of 100 and 160 m². Each has a favorable compartimentation, with two or three bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, storage and toilet. All apartments have their own outdoor space. There are four penthouses, of which two have an extra large terrace. Concerning sustainability, all apartments are heated by means of heat pumps and earth warmth, which lowers cost of heating and contibute to a better environment. The building's EPC (energy performance coefficient) of 0.4 is better than the norm.

Location Gorinchem
Client Poort 6
GFA 8.418 m²
Mark van Stijn senior project architect / BREAAM-expert
Ron Van Leeuwen CEO / architect / urban designer