The 'Cooperatieve Broodbakkerij' bakery building in Gouda has a long history. For a century, bread and pastries were baked there for the local community. The fabulous scents of bakery are still famous among Gouda's local residents. Having been vacated long ago, finding a new destiny for the building proved a challenge. Architect Henk Middelkoop took on this challenge to find out whether it could contain housing. The subsequently made housing design contains 2 large loft apartments of 180 m² each. With a 7 meters high void (atrium), and re-use of several old window frames, these will be fabulous places to live in the inner city of Gouda. Exterior space is provided for in the shape of city gardens and the roof contains roof patios.

Location Gouda
Henk Middelkoop partner / architect