Care apartments Beth San

For care organisation Cedrah’s Beth San location in Moerkapelle, a plan was designed to add 70 care apartments to the existing care buildings. The main feature of this building is a central courtyard, while the individual apartments are clearly legible in the architecture. Because of this, inhabitants will be living in a recognisable environment, and keep on feeling part of society.

Realising comfortable, sunny, but still sheltered spaces outside the apartments is paramount, in order to enjoy the healthy environment outside. Underneath the complex, subterranean parking space will be constructed, in order to keep the street level free from view blocking cars. Furthermore, the homes will be connected to the existing geothermal installations, which makes building ‘gas free’ possible effortlessly. The start of construction is planned for 2020 and communication with surrounding neighbourhood will be going on in 2019.

Location Moerkapelle
Client Cedrah
Henk Middelkoop partner / architect