Citrus Auction

In 1955, the completion of the Citrus Auction building built on commission by three importers of fruit, marked the end of the collaboration between architects Van Tijen and Maaskant.

Situated at the Merwehaven, near Marconiplein in Rotterdam, the building was mainly used for the transhipment and auction of fruit. The shape of the building’s design, by architect Maaskant, was defined mainly by its situation at the harbour and a harbour railway junction.

Architecturally, the building is closely related to the NLL-building, functionalist concrete combined with traditional brickwork, with an expressive, protruding top storey in which the auditorium shape of the auction hall is recognisable, on top of a mostly transparent double ground floor. In the front facade, protruding telephone booths are clearly recognisable. The auction hall has a glass roof for extensive daylighting.

Location Rotterdam
Huig Maaskant architect founder