Container house

Inside the 'circular building' theme, Kokon designs container houses. The shipping container is a symbol of circularity. The steel is entirely recyclable, the shape travels the world over time and time again, before it ends as the basis of a house's structure.

In terms of building physics, a shipping container presents a real challenge. Steel is vapour tight, as well as an enormous energy leak, if not adequately insulated. Therefore, the basic shipping container structure is covered in PIR-sandwich panels on the outside, to meet the current energy requirements.

The municipality of Doesburg requires a landscape comprising of distinct roofs. Utilising a characteristically traditional Dutch roof shape, a modern but recognisable image is achieved. The chimney completes this imagery, and the end product is a circular house, of which the shipping container in its core is entirely invisible. This primarily because the Dutch housing market isn’t ready for circular shipping container projects.

Location Doesburg
Henk Middelkoop partner / architect