De Akkerranden Fase 1

The plan for the Akkerranden phase 1 has a total of 38 houses, consisting of different housing types. The applied architectural style emerges from a study of the “regional” residential architecture of Oudenhoorn. The buildings show a variety of masonry colors with contrasting roller layers above the window frames. The rich facade details and characteristic features; such as the plastered facades, the curved formes and the application of facade anchors are reflected in the design. The environment and the adjacent neighborhood have therefore been very important in the design process. Not only for the appearance of the houses, but for the atmosphere and experience of the entire neighborhood. Squares en green streets therefore play an important role. All houses have an EPC of -0.07, which means that the plan is in line with future environmental requirements.

Artist impressions: De Beeldenfabriek

Location Oudenhoorn