De Monarch

At the Assumburg in Hoofddorp, Kokon has designed a U-shaped apartment block with 97 apartments. Architecturally the building is characterised by several offsets and many variations in the facade an facade openings. The facade is designed in two colours of masonry, with partly embossed masonry at the plinth of the building, which houses the storage spaces and parking. At the corners of the building, the jumps in the facade are accentuated with a third type of brick in blended colours

At the north-eastern corner of the building, it reaches up to 10 storeys, while the wings reach 4 or 5 storeys. In the courtyard, ample parking space is provided, accessible via an ample gate, and all around the block there are spacious, partially staggered balconies, (roof) terraces and galleries with good insulation. There is also a green furnished deck as a common outdoor area with play facilities.

Location Hoofddorp
Client Van Rhijn Bouw
Süleyman Özbek bureau manager / architect
Alwin Hirschfeld bim-modeller
Ron Van Leeuwen ceo / architect / urban designer