De Oude Boomgaert

In Rijsoord, just outside Ridderkerk, Kokon has designed the urban plan for ‘De Oude Boomgaert’ (the old orchard). The plan is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional farm yard. The traditional farm yard has many built shapes (house, shed, stable, silo, ...), and green areas (vegetable garden, orchard, ornamental garden, large tree in the yard, ...).

De Oude Boomgaert refers to this diversity and translates this into an informal context. The plan is contemporary, uses modern design and materials, but is clearly inspired by a rich past. The houses have been laid out in an informal manner in a green, diverse setting. You don’t live in a street, but always in a spacious area: on an island, in a courtyard, in the central yard, along the ribbon of the Rijksstraatweg.

Location Rijsoord
Ron Van Leeuwen CEO / architect / urban designer