De Vloot

The project 'De Vloot' was designed as a full service apartment building for senior citizens, with or without the need for care, to live in a safe environment.

In its design, social interaction, service and care are primary characteristics. At the ground floor, a number of facilities are located, surrounding the central square. Beside a common meeting center, the building has a daycare center, a restaurant, a barbershop, a physical therapy practice, a home care shop, a service center, a day activity center and a school for secondary vocational education.

These services are combined with 81 apartments for senior citizens and people with special care requirements. Beside the Maasdelta housing corporation, a multitude of organisations participate in the project: Seniorenwelzijn, Careyn, Albeda college, Gemiva SVG-Groep, Wijzer in Opvang en Onderwijs, Centrum voor Paramedische Hulp and Servicepunt Vraagraak.

The project was entirely set up and modelled in 3D BIM, in collaboration with Steens structural engineering. 

Location Maassluis