Drive-in houses Anthonie van Dijckstraat

In the location where Van Tijen had planned to erect a ‘live-in hotel’, instead a row of modern city mansions was designed under his supervision.

The design, that was called Drive-inwoningen (1937) (‘Drive-in houses’) because of the indoor garage, comprises a row of five 4-layered houses, with a garage, scullery and ‘garden room’ at the ground floor, a large L-shaped living room, kitchen and dining room at the first floor, that also features a large balcony terrace, a bedroom floor, and a combined bedroom floor/attic that also has a balcony terrace.

The facade features white glazed brickwork, with a lot of transparency. The design complies with the principles of the ‘Nieuwe Bouwen’ (functionalist) architecture, and has a modest appearance, while at the same time being quite luxurious.

Location Amsterdam
Willem van Tijen architect founder