Renovation of large scale apartment flats, originally built in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s is a necessary step towards sustainable and affordable housing. Adding value to apartments, upgrading and modernising the overall look of the building.

This profound renovation/transformation concerns a Y-shaped block of appartment flats. Because of the favorable location, the housing corporation wanted to maintain the building, which comprises of good quality large apartments (2 x 4,30 meters wide per apartment). The upgrading mainly focussed on aesthetics and comfort, with enlarged balconies, constructed with ‘Compact Reinforced Concrete’ by Bruil and HiCon, all building activities executed by Dozy. Apartments are upgraded while inhabited, with utmost care for the wishes and comfort of the residents.

Location Den Helder
Client Woningstichting Den Helder
Ron Van Leeuwen CEO / architect / urban designer