An apartment building for Provides has been designed on the site of an existing primary school.

The end user is the Stichting De Tussenvoorziening, which will provide housing for the homeless. So that they can rebuild structure in their lives.

The building has been designed in such a way that the whole makes a collective impression, but that the apartments are still individually recognizable. It is not a housing box, but a collection of houses. the inside is made of wood to create a soft and pleasant courtyard in terms of sound. The galleries are separated from the houses to allow optimal communication between the residents. There is also an overview and contact in case of calamities, so that this target group can recover from life on the street as pleasantly and peacefully as possible.

Kokon is proud to have been selected for this work. We are happy to make every effort to give people who have setbacks or fewer opportunities the best possible life. In our buildings.

Location IJsselstein
Client Cazas Wonen
Kübra Çagdas Project leader / BIM-modelleur
Henk Middelkoop partner / architect