Hooghkamer 'Sonate'

Hooghkamer is one of the new districts in Voorhout, a pleasant village in the 'Bollenstreek' (bulb region). Surrounded by a lot of green and water, a great diversity in houses, in neighbourhoods named 'Lint' (ribbon), 'Dorp' (village), Park and Singels (canals).

In the 'Dorp' neighbourhood, Kokon has designed the neighbourhood named 'Sonate' (sonata). Houses in a rural style, partly due to the verandas. The houses were designed in a varying colour scheme and in a modern version of a traditional rural style, and roofing with varying orientation.

The facades are made of brickwork in a tasteful colour scheme, of mixed ocre, white painted brick, and mixed light reds with partly embossed sections.

Gabled facades are designed with traditional gable ends, which enhances the rural appearance. Roofs are fitted with dark grey plat roof tiles. PV-cells are integrated.  

The diverse appearance of the neighbourhood is anhanced by the variantion in depth of facades and front gardens. Hedges separate the plots, completing the image of a traditional 'garden village'.

Location Voorhout
Client Van der Hulst Bouwprojecten BV
GFA 7.128 m²
Mark van Stijn senior project architect / BREAAM-expert
Ron Van Leeuwen ceo / architect / urban designer