Industriegebouw Goudsesingel

The lack of commercial space in Rotterdam after WWII as a result of the bombing of the city in May 1940 was reason for the conception of the Industriestichting (Industry foundation) Rotterdam, at the initiative of the Chamber of Commerce.

This commissioned the design of an Industry Building, a multi-company building with a collective transport road. The U-shaped building is 100 m long, and has a total of 20,000 m² of space for rent, with exposition spaces at the ground floor, 4 floors of commercial space, and a top floor with company restaurants, 4 ‘maisonnette’ (split level) apartments and storage facilities. In between the legs of the ‘U’ are 5 high halls for work and storage.

The transport road with loading docks is located at the rear facade, and is equipped with freight elevators and cranes for vertical transport. The building features a visible concrete structure and facades of brick, steel and lots of glass, and has some ornaments, characteristic for the ‘shake hands’ architecture; functionalism with ornaments.

Location Rotterdam
Willem van Tijen architect founder
Huig Maaskant architect founder