LAB-04 Isoskeleton

Kokon has been nominated for the Rabobank Innovation Challenge with a concept insulation material: Iso-skeleton.

The Iso-skeleton consists of a strong, circular core material in a membrane that, depending on the climatic conditions, can be drawn into vacuum as the ultimate thermal insulator or functions as air insulation.

The ideal core material is circular - strong, durable and naturally degradable or recyclable. A 3D-printed self-supporting material that can be parametrically adjusted to the desired dimensions.

This is enclosed in a rigid airtight membrane that offers the possibility of vacuuming the whole or filling it with air, using an intelligent pump system, resulting in the variable insulator.

All this results in a constructively applicable thermal shell that adapts to climatic conditions, with extreme U-values: 0.1 W/m² K (vacuum), 1 W/m² K (air filling, convection).

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