Kokon has designed a apartment building with 40 social apartments in Krimpen aan den IJssel for Stichting QuaWonen. The location lies in between the Nieuwe Tiendweg and the Meerkoetstraat.

The architectural features are mainly sculptural and playful. The traditional brickwork, combined with several offsets in the facade openings, as well as variations in bonding and offset brickwork (toothing) give the building its appearance.

The apartment building is constructed in accordance with the PassiefHuis (Passive House) concept. Heating is supplied by electrical radiators, and hot water is supplied by thermodynamic heat pumps. This will be the first large scale structure (apartment building) to make use of thermodynamic heat pumps. These apartments will be entirely electric and very energy efficient, NOM-ready (zero emission-ready).

Location Krimpen a.d. IJssel
Client QuaWonen
GFA 4.620 m²
Alwin Hirschfeld BIM-modelleur
Süleyman Özbek Architect / Bureaumanager
Ron Van Leeuwen CEO / architect / urban designer