Mossenest II

Kokon pays great attention to the combination between urban planning and architecture. With the right elaboration this leads to healthy districts, healty homes and healthy people.

The combination between urban planning and architecture expressed in Mossenest II is felt in the courtyards, cul-de-sacs, 'singels' (canals, moats), a fortification, village squares. For residents who require care, there is a 'monastery garden' and a large roof garden. All this is combined in such a way that a remarkable way of living is created. Everywhere, places have an identity.

Unique living environment

A lot of variation in architecture was created, with attention to safety and a sense of community. The large central park provides space and light for all. Kokon has also designed the publice space, pavements, the street furniture. A unique living environment was created.

The district of Mossenest II consists of 500 homes. Kokon has designed the urban plan and 200 homes.

Location Noordwijkerhout
Client Synchroon
Ron Van Leeuwen ceo / architect / urban designer