In between the old village centre and the ‘Randmeren’ lakes, the ‘Zuyderzee’ project was realised. Zuyderzee consists of 5 dike houses, 79 apartments, 8 harbour houses, 40 terraced houses and 10 semi-detached houses, designed by Kokon.

To the area surrounding the Randmeren lakes, a new marina was built, as well as a new jetty, a widened harbour entrance, and a boulevard in between the harbour and the adjacent housing. At the waterside, the forming of new nature is stimulated where flora and fauna find their place and at the east side a new access road was built.

The architecture is inspired on traditional building styles in Spakenburg. The local area has many specific characteristics in architectural materials and shapes, among which the use of zinc and wood in facades and roofing, specific colour combinations, and overall scale. Adopting these characteristics leads to architecture that is embedded in local folklore. A modern homage to the historical centre of Spakenburg.

Location Spakenburg
Client Van Wijnen
Ron Van Leeuwen ceo / architect / urban designer
Mark van Stijn senior project architect / BREAAM-expert
Süleyman Özbek bureau manager / architect