Eemstein & Zonnestein

These four blocks of apartment flats used to consist of 440 outdated apartments. The residents’ average age was approximately 80 years, but provided no senior care facilities.

Adding 140 new apartments in two tower apartments and on top of the flats enabled the addition of an extensive sports and leisure facility as well as care facilities. At first this was targeted exclusively at the residents, but nowadays the centre also caters for the surrounding districts. One moment the senior citizens are swimming, next the pool is full of children.

The existing apartments have been upgraded with among others larger balconies and beautified facades. The architecture is defined by a great amount of variety in form, type of apartment, materials, colour and detail. Although the flats have been upscaled, they have been transformed into more humane buildings. The design was nominated for the Nationaal Renovatie Prijs (national renovation prize) en de Nationale Zorg Prijs (national care prize).

Location Zwijndrecht
Ron Van Leeuwen ceo / architect / urban designer