Urban plan Kurfallı

For a beautiful, forested area adjoining the Black Sea in Kurfallı, Istanbul, Kokon has developed a concept urban plan for the care and housing of elderly with care requirements. The plan area covers approx. 4 ha.

The plan comprises of 57 apartments, 56 care apartments and 50 patio-houses with porches, specifically designed for the elderly. The plan area provides locations for an activity center for local residents and residents of adjacent neighbourhoods. The location has considerable height differences, which results in remarkable routing through the area, in which several semi-public spaces are located. The residential buildings are all optimally oriented towards the sun and view of the surrounding landscape.

The planned buildings will be specifically adapted to the local variables, landscape, heights, lines of sight. The architecture is contemporary, and optimised for the local climate.

Location Kurfallı, Istanbul, Turkey
Süleyman Özbek bureau manager / architect