Housing corporation Provides has initiated the demolition and rebuilding of 3 apartment blocks at the Vicarielaan in IJsselstein, in accordance with the residents.

Kokon not only designed the new apartments, but modeled the buildings in 3D, thus supplying the future residents with accurate imaging of their projected living environment. Combining this with builders that apply supply chain integration though BIM, these models can generate production drawings and supply the building process with accurate numbers concerning budgets, amounts and cost.

By integrating interior design in the BIM-model as well, the residents were able to look into the future and digitally walk through their home to be. These 3D-visuals have convinced many residents, who have returned after the appartments were rebuilt.

The project cosists of 70 apartments and was built in 11 months. This was made possible by application of 3D-adjustment (clash control and model compare), as wel as 4D LEAN-planning with co-makers.

Location IJsselstein
Client Provides
Ron Van Leeuwen ceo / architect / urban designer