Villa Roco

Kokon designed this 'generation house' for a family in Capelle a.d. IJssel. Several generations of one family can live together and apart on one plot as a result of this 'sheltered living' situation. As a whole it was designed to provide privacy for all, and this results to be more than average.

The basis for the architecture is mainly a traditional shape. This shape was elaborated into a surprising appearance, due to sharply outlined masses and spaces. Solid materialisation and low-energy systems complete this villa.

A sliding staircase has been designed to make the insertion floor of the adjkacent 'tiny house' accessible. The stair rolls over a rail via steel wheels and disappears neatly in a suitably made cabinet.

A nice piece of work in steel ( and wood (, beautiful how craftsmen reinforce each others work.

On Instagram you can find a nice video about this staircase.

Location Capelle a.d. IJssel
Henk Middelkoop partner / architect