Aalborg excursion


Immediately following our trip to Copenhagen and Malmö, where we visited many wonderful architectural and urban projects, a couple of Kokon employees visited the city of Aalborg.

Aalborg is renowned for its high quality cement, used in the production of ultra high strength concrete. Hi-Con – a supplier Kokon has worked with before in projects like Heiligharn, Den Helder – is specialised in the production of ultra high strength concrete and is situated in Aalborg.

At the moment, Kokon is working on the project Hendrik Baskeweg in Den Helder, in co-operation with Hi-Con and Bruil. Together we are developing the larges 3D printed concrete project in the world! As good a reason as any to visit this company and its factory, allowing us to get a good look at the feasability, application and finishing possibilities of ultra high strength concrete.

The day was concluded with a visit to a couple of Hi-Con reference projects in Aalborg, as well as some world famous architectural icons of the twentieth century – the Kunsten Museum by architect Aavar Aalto, the Musik House by Coop Himmelb(l)au and the Jorn Utzon Center.