Archikidz 2018


Just like in recent years, Kokon has joined Archikidz this year. Archikidz is a large Rotterdam architecture event for more than 300 children aged seven to twelve. Under the guidance of professional architects they learn to design and build their own models.

This year the theme is 'the Chamber of Secrets'. Kokon LAB, our agency’s innovative engine, helps shape this theme.

How should you hide a Chamber of Secrets? Hide behind a mirror wall? Camouflage? Hide behind the fake facade of a toy store? Or do you have to make your super-sneaky Chamber inaccessible by rotating stairs? Who can enter, and how will they be able to do so unseen? Maybe you can only see the Chamber of Secrets from one vantage point or you might have to go through a special trap door with a slide? And how large is this Chamber of Secrets and what do you do there? Do you collect things nobody is allowed to see?

On Saturday, May 26th, children can think about this in the Maaszaal of the Shipping and Transport College at the Lloyd Pier in Rotterdam. Architects and construction specialists from our office will guide children towards realising their own design. Here are some pictures from the previous season, we will keep you informed!