TV item about Hendrik Baskeweg at NH News


"We considered the question: what do we really like? We ended up at Casa Mila in Barcelona. But what was beautiful there? We wanted to transfer that to Den Helder. So turning the ugliest building into the most beautiful, that was our objective."

The first 3D concrete elements for transformation project Hendrik Baskeweg are printed at Bruil! This milestone was marked with TV and online content recordings for NH News. Ron proudly told about the innovative transformation of the project, through 1400 3D printed concrete elements. After a challenging preliminary process, it is actually being realized.

Watch the full news item here (in Dutch). The upgrade of two dated apartment buildings on the Hendrik Baskeweg in Den Helder by means of 3D printed elements is the world's largest project to date in the 3D concrete printing field and the first time the technique has been applied in this way. This will extend the life span of the buildings by 50 years Should you be interested in an interview as a result of this, please contact us!