'Big Beng' workshop by Henk Middelkoop on Vakbeurs Energie


On Tuesday 10 and Wednesday, October 11, Henk Middelkoop will give a lecture during the Vakbeurs Energie 2017 in 's Hertogenbosch about making buildings energy neutral using the BENG method. The essence of Kokon's approach is to use the precision of Passive Building at this point. By far the most exact approach for low energy consumption.


Through clever design tools, the architect finally has control over the energy performance of his designs and is able to optimize a plan's score in terms of energy consumption for cooling and heating. And if we want to meet the climate targets, starting with design (and not with technology) is absolutely essential. Zero-on-the-meter is then easily achievable.

Last year Henk Middelkoop gave a lecture at the Vakbeurs Energie 2016 on Passive Parcelation, a method whereby parcels and urban plans are optimally aimed at the sun to enable low energy consumption from urban planning.