Construction site visit De Plantage and The Fizz


Kokon Techniek visited two exciting projects that are currently being realized: apartment complex De Plantage in Voorhout and The Fizz student housing in Leiden. Fun and educational to see the effect of our technical choices in practice!

At De Plantage, project leader Kübra Cagdas, together with Aad de Vreugd of Van der Hulst, explained the high quality concrete balconies of Hi-Con Netherlands. Later on aluminum frames with wood appearance (maintenance free) will be placed around these balconies, inspired by bulb boxes.

Project leader Wim Baas, together with Martijn Goddijn of Niersman, talked about the challenges surrounding the gigantic The Fizz, which besides 394 student residences also has a reception, laundry, indoor and outdoor meeting space.

Through the collaboration between all of our teams, Kokon handles the elaboration of architecture from sketch to execution design. Please visit us for the possibilities.