The Fizz student housing

With The Fizz, 394 student units at the Ypenburgbocht in Leiden will be realized according to Kokon's design. This is an important step in reducing the large housing shortage among students in Leiden. The design consists of two parts: an L-shape and a square, connected by a central glass zone. The masses are staggered in height under the influence of 2 mill biotopes and the nearby houses.

The complex is located near the center with many important facilities and daily amenities. The Fizz has six floors with living space for 394 students. The apartments are all self-contained and in the The Fizz building they meet all the requirements of modern, urban living.

In addition to studios, there are one-bedroom apartments, as well as disabled rooms. The Fizz consists of two building sections connected by an air bridge. In the air bridge, two open-plan spaces have been created which can be freely arranged as a communal area, for example as a gym or a communal living room.

On the first floor of the complex is a spacious lobby of 250 m2 that functions as a general meeting space (lounge). Here you will find, among other things, a reception area, the laundry room and the residents' mailboxes. In the patio of the main building is an enclosed, green courtyard garden in the midst of the bustling city life. Its location on the Haarlemmertrekvaart canal offers residents a unique opportunity to enjoy the water.

In a covered parking garage are 26 parking spaces available and on the site itself are 9 parking spaces located. The bicycle storage provides space for 372 bicycles; indispensable in a Dutch student city. Heating and cooling are provided by means of a heat pump. The apartments have underfloor heating. In addition, there are solar panels on the roofs and LED lighting is installed in all fixed lights.

There is also thought to nature. The gardens will be planted with native, low-maintenance plants. Nesting boxes for endangered birds and bats will be included in the partially green facades of the complex. A moss sedum roof will also provide a buffer for rainwater. The Fizz thus meets various sustainability requirements and climate adaptive and nature inclusive wishes.

In November 2021, all 394 student homes were sold by Niersman to real estate developer International Campus.

Watch a video impression of the complex here. Images by: Niersman B.V.

Interior and corresponding images by: TANK Interior Design Agency

Studio images: Sal Marston Photography

Location Leiden
Client Niersman
Ron Van Leeuwen ceo / architect / urban designer
Roy Gorissen architect
Wim Baas project leader / technical designer
Sharon Engelsma assistent project leader / technical designer